Galley Bay Beach

Galley Bay Beach

The last beach that I propose is Galley Bay beach, the private beach of the homonymous resort Galley Bay Resort & Spa.

The beach is also accessible to those who are not guests of the resort, but expect different looks from the security guard who constantly keeps an eye on the situation.

Galley Bay beach is sparsely populated and exclusive, it has no services except for the guests of the resort but I tell you a secret: there is a shower at the foot of one of the stairs leading to the resort, quite hidden … used and no one made a fuss

I put it in the last place of my ranking because, although beautiful from a landscape point of view, I “felt” it a bit snobbish.

Do you know who liked it so much that they bought a property right there? Giorgio Armani! In fact, at the far north of the beach there are two of its villas perched on the rocks, obviously overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Take a look at the second photo!

Galley Bay beach is located on the west coast of Antigua, just under 10km south of the capital Saint John’s.

Unlike the other beaches, Galley Bay beach is almost completely fenced but the “unofficial” entrance is there, it is to be found but it is there! It is a gate located on the far right of the beach, not very easy to locate but the security at the entrance of the resort will explain where to go.