Darkwood Beach

Darkwood Beach

Darkwood Beach is a wide wild beach surrounded by the turquoise sea on one side and hills with tropical forests on the other. Cruise ship passengers are her most frequent guests during the low season, while the high season sees many locals coming here.

Darkwood Beach is perfect for all types of tourists thanks to its size, light beige soft sand, crystal clear and turquoise sea and activities you can participate in to spend your pastime. Visitors include:

  • families with children;
  • water sports enthusiasts;
  • couples looking for a romantic atmosphere.

The beach is very suitable for snorkeling as it is surrounded by a coral reef and has a large area of ​​shallow water. Both children and adults have the opportunity to meet various specimens, such as shells, tropical fish, barracudas, etc. Further up the coast is a spot with a flat bottom and a gentle descent into the water for swimming and sunbathing. There are also spots for diving and deep sea fishing. On breezy days, when the waves roll up, Darkwood Beach is a great place to go surfing. In the evening you can admire suggestive tropical sunsets and stroll along the shore, partly covered by grass.

You can reach Darkwood Beach from St. John’s by bus from St. John’s West train station, by calling a taxi or by hiring a car. The beach is close to the main highway, the bus stops right by the beach and there is also a car park nearby.