Antigua is an island of the Lesser Antilles, it is distinguished from the others by its rugged coastline and numerous coves, for its dry and mild climate but especially for a sophisticated and relaxed due to British rule, the base of the Royal Navy, to its maritime today hailed as the capital of the Caribbean Yatching.

The first inhabitants of Antigua were of prehistoric civilizations who came from South America were followed in 200 BC by the peaceful Arawak, the latter lived by fishing and cultivation of maize and cassava.

Their peaceful existence was disrupted in 600 AD the arrival of a cannibal tribe the Carib.

They conquered all the territories of Arawak.

With the arrival of Columbus in these islands in 1492 AD opened the way for the Spanish colonizers, English, French and Dutch.

The island of Antigua, named by Columbus in honor of the Virgin adored by him in Seville (Santa Maria la Antigua), became a naval stronghold of the British colonies and the famous Captain Horatio Nelson is mentioned in Nelson’s Dockyard.