Antigua has 365 beaches, one for every day of the year, from the wild and isolated to that equipped with activities and comfort.

The closer to the Donkey on the Beach:

Pigeon Beach

It is located behind the Falmouth Harbour Antigua Yacht Club, the beach slopes gently into the water is crystal clear calm during the week but comes alive at the weekend.







It is close to Pigeon Beach but it is much quieter and wild with a “natural Jacuzzi” fairytale.







Galleon Beach

It is located at Inglese Harbour on the road to Shirley Height, consists of several bays is a quiet beach fit for snorkling.





Rendezvous Bay

Perhaps one of the most beautiful, can be reached on foot or by 4×4 from Falmouth, continuing along the road that leads to the Spring Hill Riding Club or by boat.






Half Moon Bay

A must visit, is located on the east coast owes its name to the half-moon shape that characterizes it, is ideal for the various activities having a side with the waves and another with calm waters like the Maldives.